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  • Rose-Water-250ml

大馬士革玫瑰花露 250ml


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4.5 沒有 5 基於 6 位顧客的評價
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✔ 油性膚質
✔ 乾性膚質
✔ 敏感型膚質



10 件庫存





Rosa Damascena Flower Water


對 6大馬士革玫瑰花露 250ml 的 則評價

  1. 5 滿分 5 分


    This is a perfect toning water for people who have sensitive skin. The scent is amazing too! I’m going to buy this product again.

  2. 5 滿分 5 分


    I love this product. I use it every morning and find it so refreshing. It’s a great prep before putting on makeup

  3. 5 滿分 5 分



  4. 5 滿分 5 分


    I love using this after cleaning my face, and I’m always disappointed when I forget to use it.
    This has done wonders for my complexion. At first, I did not see much of a difference, but I think this (in combination with other products) has really helped even out my skin, combat redness, and has given me a glowy complexion I’ve never had before.
    It’s also great that this does not have any alcohol in it, as it always dries out my skin and does more damage than good.
    I am buying another bottle just so that when I run out of my bottle (its still pretty full with daily use- about 8 sprays per day) I will have a backup. I think it will last me about 2 months at the rate I’m using it, but I hope it will last me longer.
    I love love love it.
    The smell is also a wonderful and soothing rose scent. It’s pretty strong but fades quickly.
    The nozzle is great because it sprays evenly over a large area. Just make sure you aim well to not waste product :).

  5. 2 滿分 5 分


    Bought this toner because I love Fresh face cleanser and moisturizer. It smells great! LOVE the rose smell. Does not dry out or leave any residue on my face. Only two starts because it broke me out.

  6. 5 滿分 5 分




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